About the Insider

The Fuel Cell Insider is a forum for discussion, debate and information exchange about fuel cells and their fuels. It’s called the Insider because we are committed to giving you access to the comments and work of professionals in the field – professional scientists and engineers, certainly, but also policy professionals, journalists and advocates. The Fuel Cell Insider is a window into the fuel cell world. But as with all blogs, if you don’t like the window…break it! If you don’t like the view, change the focus. There is already a surplus of unchallenged assertions in the world of fuel cells. Perhaps with honest exchange, we can generate some light with all that heat.

The Insider blog is managed by Fuel Cells 2000, a non-profit education and outreach program that promotes fuel cells and their fuels internationally via information, reports, user-friendly databases and forums of exchange for researchers, developers, suppliers, students, teachers, government officials, opinion leaders and others interested in the sector. We are an activity of the Breakthrough Technologies Institute.