Washington Auto Show & Secretary Chu

Jan 29, 2010 The Washington Auto Show is going on this week, only a few blocks from our offices, and we have seen some pretty cool cars driving by.  The Chevy Volt was even available for test rides across the street!  We have heard that there are several fuel cell cars at the show, and we will actually be taking our two interns Brian and Semee over this afternoon to check them out. . I guess even US Energy Secretary Steven Chu must have noticed the cars during his tour of the show yesterday.  Secretary Chu spoke at the 2010 Washington Auto show about the Obama administration's commitment to advancing fuel efficient vehicles while helping to create clean energy jobs.  After talking about other advanced vehicle technologies, Chu mentioned fuel cells - he said: "and hydrogen fuel cell, its longer in the future, its still in there."  Small progress, but progress just the same! . Like I said, we will be at the show this afternoon, so come back and look for pictures either later today or Monday morning right here.  Has anyone else had a chance to head over to the Convention Center? We'd love to see your pictures as well.

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