CHBC Spring Summit

Apr 28, 2014 On May 5, 2014, the California Hydrogen Business Council (CHBC) Spring Summit will be held in Long Beach, CA, co-located at the Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo. "Co-locating our CHBC Spring Summit with the 2014 ACT Expo at the Long Beach Convention Center emphasizes our goal to bring our technologies and products closer to the market," said Jeff Serfass, CHBC Managing Director. "Progress in the last years and even months across a diverse set of markets is astounding, and we seek to bring these new commercial products to an audience interested in clean energy solutions," Serfass added. Presenters from around the country and abroad will share their vision of how this industry can address the nation’s environmental, energy and business goals and how it help revolutionize our country’s portfolio of energy solutions.The key topics presented during this day-long meeting will be: •    Utilities, Renewable Energy Mandate and Hydrogen Energy Storage •    Fuel Cell Power Solutions •    Emerging Transportation Markets/Spotlight on Range Extenders •    Developing Public Interest in Hydrogen Mobility •    Attracting Investment and Creating Commercial Opportunity for Retail Hydrogen Fueling Stations and Infrastructure •    Industry Business Updates by CHBC Members The session "Attracting Investment and Creating Commercial Opportunities for Retail Hydrogen Fueling Stations and Infrastructure" in particular will feature five outstanding speakers that will highlight different approaches to both individual station design and infrastructure as an investment opportunity: 1.    Steve Szymanski, Director - Government Business, Proton OnSite, will address commercial opportunities for station owners to add hydrogen to their refueling services. 2.    Dr. Shane Stephens Romero, President and Co-Founder, FirstElement Fuel, Inc. will discuss  investment models for California's hydrogen fueling cluster development. 3.    Dr. Robert (Bob) Shaw, President, Arete Venture Management and Dr. Andreas Truckenbrodt, former Chief Executive and Chief Technical Officer for the Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation (AFCC), will highlight recent efforts to develop a billion-dollar investment funding plan for the build-out of hydrogen infrastructure, termed "H2 Challenge", which does not rely on public financial support. This session will be chaired and moderated by "ZEV Czar" Tyson Eckerle, recently appointed as ZEV Infrastructure Project Manager at the Office of Governor Jerry Brown, Business and Economic Development. Register for the CHBC Summit to attend this session and many more. Can't get enough of hydrogen and fuel cells? Consider attending the co-located ACT Expo May 5-8, also in Long Beach, CA, which features three sessions on hydrogen and fuel cells, and much, much more! Attendees of the ACT Expo that attend the CHBC Spring Summit will receive a $30 discount on Summit registration. More information on the CHBC Summits is available via the CHBC website at as well as the 2014 California Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Summit website at

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