Google Map of Hydrogen Fueling Stations in North America

Apr 25, 2013 Fuel Cells 2000 has developed a Google Map showing public and private hydrogen fueling stations in North America. The hydrogen stations are located across North America and Hawaii, and (where possible) include information regarding fueling infrastructure, hydrogen provider, as well as the number and type of vehicles they serve. The map was created for demonstration purposes and does not reflect exact locations of fueling stations. More than 100 hydrogen stations are operating across North America, providing fuel for the military, handling equipment, passenger and utility vehicles, and buses. While only 10 are currently available to the public, this alternative fuel could help the United States reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and become more energy-independent. As shown on the map, public fueling stations are primarily located in California, but an expanded hydrogen fueling infrastructure is necessary to promote the fuel cell vehicle industry on a national scale. Dozens of hydrogen fueling stations have been installed by elite corporations to serve large fleets of fuel cell-powered forklifts. The biggest single fleets are owned by BMW and Central Grocers (each with 230+ Plug Power forklifts), while Sysco—which owns seven fueling stations—has the biggest fleet nationwide (approaching 700 forklifts). Hydrogen stations are also being employed by several bus operators, including AC Transit in Emeryville, California; the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority in Ohio; and BC Transit in Vancouver, Canada. The United States is a leader in fuel cell technology, but faces growing competition from Germany, Japan and Korea. Federal assistance and government policies promoting fuel cells and hydrogen infrastructure are needed to maintain the U.S.’s competitive edge and jumpstart the commercialization of fuel cell technology.
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