Nuvera Inaugurates Demonstration Project with Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicles

Apr 17, 2013 Nuvera Fuel Cells announced it will operate and maintain two Toyota FCHV-adv vehicles as part of a recently launched program with Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. Nuvera, which produces fuel cell systems and hydrogen delivery products in Billerica, Massachusetts, believes the program will help engage local policy makers and the general public in conversation over hydrogen infrastructure and FCEVs as they relate to economic growth and regional zero-emission vehicle mandates. The two-year, joint vehicle demonstration is the first of its kind in Massachusetts. Toyota currently has four FCEVs that use a fueling station at the National Renewable Energy Lab in Colorado; two that use a fueling station in Hempstead, New York; and ten that fill up at a Proton Onsite station in Wallingford, Connecticut. All three locations generate hydrogen with renewable energy, using either wind (Colorado and New York) or solar power (Connecticut). The cars will be fueled using Nuvera’s PowerTap hydrogen generation and refueling equipment at its Billerica headquarters. The company’s PowerTap system generates high-purity hydrogen from water and natural gas. Several units are deployed at industrial units to refuel fuel cell forklift fleets. According to Nuvera’s press release: “Toyota’s vehicle demonstration program gives policy makers, local authorities and the general public in Massachusetts a chance to become familiar with fuel cell vehicles  prior to market introduction,” said Kevin Kinnaw, National Manager for Regulatory Affairs at Toyota Motor Sales, USA. “The program also highlights the infrastructure side of the equation. With its on-site hydrogen generation appliance, Nuvera has developed a practical refueling solution that could have far-reaching consequences for the commercial success of zero-emission fuel cell vehicles.”

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