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Inside Look: Tokyo’s Suginami Hydrogen Station

Fuel Cells 2000’s Bob Rose and Jennifer Gangi are in Tokyo, Japan this week for the International Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Expo where they are connecting with international fuel cell stakeholders and updating them on the latest progress of the U.S.  In addition to the Expo, Bob and Jennifer are taking time for some fuel cell sightseeing.  Yesterday they visited the Tokyo-Suginami hydrogen station, one of 12 stations being demonstrated nationwide by Japan’s Research Association of Hydrogen Supply and Utilization (HySUT).

HySUT, established in 2009, is a partnership of energy suppliers, engineering companies, and automobile manufacturers that aims to achieve commercialization of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) by 2015, with automakers and hydrogen fuel suppliers working together to build up the necessary infrastructure to support these vehicles.  HySUT has set an ambitious goal of 100 hydrogen stations across Japan by 2015.  Similar efforts are underway in Scandinavia through H2moves, Germany through H2 Mobility, and the United States through the California Fuel Cell Partnership.

Tucked away in a residential area of Tokyo, the Suginami hydrogen station has become a part of everyday life – so much so that people here do not even turn heads when a vehicle pulls in or a picture of the station is taken.  The station is relatively new (just over a year old) and dispenses hydrogen, produced off-site, at 35 MPa (350 bar).  Our two fuel cell insiders filled up their airport taxi – a Honda FCX Clarity – and went on their way, but not before seeing a Mazda RE dual-fuel vehicle (hydrogen and gasoline) pull up to use the same station.

To see more photos from the Suginami visit, please visit our Facebook page and be sure to “Like” us if you haven’t already done so.  We certainly like bringing you the latest fuel cell news, so check back soon!

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